Tropic Spug: The Sequel

Generally speaking, sequels never live up to the originals. With my “sequel” trip to the Philippines fast approaching, check that, painfully slowly approaching, four more months, the last four months felt like ten. Anyways, I intend to buck the trend of “sequel” flops. I know what to expect this time, I am more prepared.

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Changed Perspective

Where I come from we have very little to be concerned with from nature. Yes, eight months of sub-zero temperatures is unpleasant and yes, we love to complain about it. Rarely are we faced with something unexpected save for the occasional tornado but they are most often in the middle of nowhere.
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Was it a dream?

It’s only been three months or so. Three months and it feels like a dream I had a lifetime ago. Was I really on the other side of the world? All my life travel was never really a priority, I wanted to see explore Canada and maybe one day Mexico. Then six or seven years ago the “Filipino invasion” of Edmonton began. My sisters best friend growing up was Filipina but I was young and would not have known a Filipino from a German (lol). Then one day those 6-7 years ago an unexpected act of kindness changed it all.
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